Graphite on torn cotton paper.


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Drawing, Graphite

‘Cuerpo y Cuerpo’ is a project born from the need of feeling out loud. It is a tale where the words can not access, they got lost trying to express themselves screaming, full of pain and full of life, sweet notes but with sorrow; words of love and rage, tiredness, and finally acceptance and calmness.

I wanted to retrieve that inner body that had died and bring it back to life, feel it alive like the skin that took in my tears; to sew it like my womb once was; and to love it like life. Each hole embedded in bones, hold by muscles, those the soul wears. The hands accommodated waiting, aware and transforming, I honor them with this continuous stroke.

A stroke that doesnt exist alone, small empty spaces string along with it, showing then its matter and identity. The repetition and the scale are like a tireless mantra making the time harmonic and the harmony epiphany. I have laid off all my costumes to beg the present to exist in me.

‘Cuerpo y Cuerpo’ talks about the existance’s fragility about what remains despite all, despite the death. It is a remedy for life’s grief and it is the beauty’s sanctuary. As well, it is an intention disclosure: I want to show what happens when you decide to live, to recognize the geography of the skin so each oneself becomes a treasure map.

Ten figures join together to make a sole body, with open chest and thoughfull gaze; eternal transformation.

  • Figure 1: 76 x 80,5 cm
  • Figure 2: 49,5 x 88 cm
  • Figure 3: 91 x 39 cm
  • Figure 4: 89 x 85 cm
  • Figure 5: 103 x 99, 5 cm
  • Figure 6: 103, 5 x 75 cm
  • Figure 7: 56,5 x 104,5 cm
  • Figure 8: 114,5 x 87 cm
  • Figure 9: 73,5 x 110 cm
  • Figure 10: 126 x 82 cm