Figure Nº 1. Anne Sexton Figure Nº 2. Jane Bowles Figure Nº 3. Sidonie - Gabrielle Colette Figure Nº 4. Anna Ajmátova Figure Nº 5. Hannah Arendt


Graphite on cotton paper. Continuous trace.



Graphite, Portrait

“Cabeza dentro de Cabeza” is a series of portraits than speak to themselveses.

The drawing, dressed in patience, bare the gesture and shows it to the world.

It is the woman who feels and writes for herself, about herself.

It is a though within another, a verb, an emotion.

“Cabeza dentro de Cabeza” speaks of feminity, of the complex discourse that defines us, about the art of survival.

Figure 1: 114 x 96 cm
Figure 2: 91 x 114 cm
Figure 3: 114 x 84 cm
Figure 4: 114 x 91 cm
Figure 5: 111 x 89 cm
Figure 6: 78 x 102 cm