Are you thinking of recovering the pleasure of drawing?

Miralma’s Painting and Drawing Courses consist of reduced groups of a maximum of four students. The working space in the workshop is a warm room with natural light and a big table where students can create. Music is played to accompany the work creating rhythm and harmony.

Classes follow a course methodology, but are personalized based on each student’s needs. Is student is nourished by the group and participates in all of the creative processes as a unit, creating an enriching artistic bond. The course’s content is flexible, depending on the group’s characteristics.

The fundamental objective of Miralma’s Drawing and Painting Courses is for each person to discover their own artistic expression, making drawing a tool for freedom. My experience as a professor in the University of Chile allows me to guarantee the rapid evolution as an artist and an immense personal satisfaction.


A new course where through painting and drawing classes, intuition and creative capacity are the protagonists.

Painting workshop for kids

The “painting classes” for the children are a time of play through drawing, which allows them to develop spontaneously and always accompanied. Our role as companions is to assist your needs so that the painting game takes place and develops in a natural and protected way.

The space is a room where the walls are prepared for this activity and where he / she chooses everything, from where to place his / her initial role, the pace at which to paint, the colors to choose, the size of his / her work and of course his pictorial development on paper. In the space the child asks for everything he considers necessary so that his game does not run out, and all the necessary assistance is provided to do so. It is nourished by a horizontal relationship with the rest of cartoonists who may be of different ages, thus enjoying their personal workspace in a collective space.

We want, in this new stage of change, that the natural expression of pictorial language reaches people with functional diversity, with the aim of achieving the development of their potential as well as the rest of the group.

Respect and care for their work are essential premises for both the draftsman and the assistant who cares that both in the collective space and in the personal space these qualities are always maintained.

In this new stage, we are proud to have the accompaniment of Cristina Rodríguez Muñoz, an occupational therapist and violinist with a full and committed professional development.

The material is included in the monthly fee.

The tools available, in addition to those configured individually according to your particular needs, are: a Table-Palette, a structure in common use that houses 18 colors of ecological gouache paint, 54 brushes of various sizes that are used collectively and 18 glasses for the water of each color, tools to make the necessary mixtures and unlimited white paper of 70 x 50 cm.

The game of drawing takes place on a cork surface that covers the entire room to paint at the desired height. Each child must bring a white coat and a 70 x 50 cm folder to file their work.

It is a space with universal accessibility, equipped with all the necessary equipment for free and safe mobility. The room is nourished by natural light and ventilation with direct access to the street, spacious and warm to build your corner of creativity.

Note: Tools and methodology based on Arno Stern’s experience.


We look to provide schedules that adapt to your availability.

Regular course schedule September 2020 – July 2021:

8 people / group (material incluided)

Tuesday 18.00h – 19.00h Sala Paleta: 65 euros / 4 sessions per month

Prices regular course September 2020 - July 2021

65 euros / material incluided

Workshop for adults

The drawing and painting workshop is open to anyone that wants to introduce drawing into their life as a tool for expression.

The purpose of these lessons is to set your creative abilities free through tools like painting and drawing. Lessons are offered in reduced groups with common objectives, but with a personalized follow-up by me.

I implement working dynamics that adapt to the collective pace of the group.

My experience with large groups at the University of Chile allows me to guarantee constructive development at the creative level, where perception and identity are active premises in all the classes.

Material is not included in the monthly fee. A list of necessary material will be sent by mail at the time of confirming the registration.


We look for the best schedule that adapts to your availability.

Regular course schedule September 2020 – July 2021:

Monday 18.30h – 20h: 65 euros / 4 sessions per month

Wednesday 19.30h – 21.00h: 65 euros /4 sessions per month

Thursday 10.30h – 12.30h: 75 euros / 4 sessions per month

Thursday 18.30h – 20h: 65 euros / 4 sessions per month

Prices regular course September 2020 - July 2021

65 euros / month: 4 sessions, 1.5 hours. 75 euros / month: 4 sessions, 2 hours

Private drawing lessons

Miralma’s Painting and Drawing Courses offer private lessons for 1- 3 people that focus on specific drawing technique of the student’s choice: the face, hands, general anatomy, street drawing, sketch techniques, the human figure, lace technique, graphite use, watercolor, acrylic, Chinese ink and other techniques.


We look for the best schedule that adapt to your availability.


35 euros / 1.5 hour session

Monographic Workshops

A monographic workshop introduces a specific theme that is developed during a short and intense period of time: the self-portrait, Nature and Light, Hands, the Human, the City, etc.

The dynamic of the workshop is a journey whose origin begins with the group as a whole in the ‘creation’ state and continues with ideas that connect you to the act of drawing and creating.

Chants are later introduced to help facilitate the creative process, pushing you to find the identity of each stroke and to increase your perceptual development.

Workshops can be held in a variety of places: towns, villages, shelters, large houses, schools, institutes, universities, retirement spaces, etc. Any place that allows for lodging and has a space to hold the Workshop.

Workshops can be requested by both institutions and individuals.

The duration of each workshop time depends on the request but generally lasts between two to three days, six to eight hours each day. Each Workshop is designed and prepared beforehand by in the School – Workshop Lucía Espinós and the interested group.

The main focus of this intensive course is creation by creation, understanding this process as an existential act. The development of the work in series is intended to provide the artist with the tools to tell graphically what he or she has experienced.

Creativity now becomes an inherent need of the individual. The experience itself, understood as an experimental process until a result is obtained, iscthe very act of creation.

It is an experience recorded through a series of drawings, which can be seen as a material object that exhibits the perception of our experiential journey. The series becomes of value in time because the perspective of ourselves makes us aware of our creative abilities.

This methodology offers the possibility of a collective development, enhancing intellectual curiosity and allowing us to access the inner world of emotions and feelings.

The dynamic of the work involves the body and offers a unique identity: “The human being is not the center of the universe, the center of the universe is life.” Rolando Toro Araneda.

It involves a free approach to the world of the senses. It works the intuition, loss of personal prejudices and pre-established aptitudes. It gives the artist the possibility of finding a place of expressive and functional freedom in the creative act.

The arts, in general, link us to the world and culture, and trigger sensitivity in our character. Concretely, the methodology that I implement, links us to our body which is mediator of the psyche. It is representative our relationship with the world around us.

All of our senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, work as filters that tend to a transformation and connect the creative instinct with the ability to materialize this nature.


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