Madrid, 1983. Plastic Artist. Architect by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

Madrid, 1983.

Visual artist. Architect by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

In 2007 he traveled to Chile on a scholarship, where he produced Orgánico, a large series of small-format watercolor paintings. Later, at the beginning of 2008, he settled in Mexico to develop an Illustrated Essay: The six senses of a woman, which will be the origin of his research in the field of perception and creativity.

His work continues to develop in countries such as Brazil, Spain and Portugal, until 2013 when the Miralma project begins in Chile, a set of works that he carries out on request, which seek to bare the identity of people through watercolor. In the same year his first individual exhibition took place at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Chile.

As a university professor she directed the drawing course Travel Notebooks during 2014, where the ability of all people to express themselves through drawing is revealed.

That same year, he made Mirárabe, a large mural work for the access of the new Center for Arab Studies of the University of Chile. This work has become a symbol for the Center and part of its corporate image.

In 2015 she returned to Madrid opening her private workshop, in which she also developed a project for a School of Creative Development, where a large number of people work on artistic processes guided by her.

In January 2017, she participated in the Open Room invited by the Montsequi Gallery in Madrid, later the Gaudí Gallery represented her work at Art Apart Fair Singapore.

During the years 2017 and 2018, two relevant works were developed in their journey, such as the Body and Body series, an autobiographical work of ten pieces that dealt with the delicacy of existence, and Head inside Head, a series of eight pieces that honors the femininity, the complex discourse that defines us, the art of survival. Over the years, he has produced numerous pieces of commissioned illustration for professionals and artists from other areas.

All his work has been exhibited at the C.C Pilar Miró, C.C Paco Rabal, with Humana being the last exhibition held in the Jose Luis Sampedro room of the Galileo Cultural Center.

His work responds to a way of feeling, of composing time. His stroke is a game of lines that are transforming at the same rate as his consciousness. The need to extend the time of the drawing, to dialogue with the shapes without having to define them previously, allows his work to be detailed and flexible. The work method is the work itself, the way to access the creative space connecting with two fundamental parameters in its work: honesty and beauty.

The drawing structures his artistic thinking, allows him to dialogue with the composition prior to the realization of a work and to check its character. Away from the speeches prior to the artistic act, she prefers to narrate the event of a Series once it has finished. Reflection is part of their daily actions, it makes their work have different meanings over time.

Artistic expression is a vital need for Lucía, a way of existing and talking to herself and her needs. It is the means through which he is able to transform and understand his own experiences.

Currently he works daily on commissioned projects for other professionals and individuals and on his personal work: Inside, an extensive series of acrylic and pencil on wood. Ancestros, mixed technique on large format paper. Fable, experimental artistic project and Geometer of the place, 250 x 160 cm piece from this same Series worked in acrylic wool on burlap. This piece has been recently presented in July 2020, at the Balcones Painting Competition Arteleda III, obtaining the first prize from the jury.