Madrid, 1983. Plastic Artist. Architect by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

In 2007, she travels to Chile on a scholarship, where she creates Organic, a watercolor series of in small format. Later, in early 2008 travels to Mexico to develop the Illustrated Essay: The Six Senses of a Woman, which will be the origin of her research in the field of perception and creativity.

Her work continues its development in countries such as Brazil, Spain and Portugal until 2013 when the Miralma project, a set of more than twenty works that seeks to strip the identity of people through watercolor, begins in Chile. That same year she has her first individual exhibition which is held in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Chile.

In 2014, as a University teacher, she leads the drawing course “Travel Notebooks”, which shows the ability of any person to express themselves through drawing.

That same year, she finishes Mirárabe, a Mural work of large dimensions for the entrance of the new Center of Arab Studies of the University of Chile. This work has become a symbol for the Center and part of its corporate image.

In 2015, she returns to Madrid and opens the School – Workshop that she continues to manage today, with the School-Workshop being the same place where her personal projects are created.

During 2016, she travels to Milan with reproductions of her work for a private exhibition of the Miralma project. That same year she has her work present in the Central design Market of the Matadero in Madrid.

In January 2017, she is invited by the Gallery Montsequi of Madrid to participate in Open Room. Later in 2017, the Gaudí Gallery represents her work in the Art Apart Fair Singapore.

During the last year her most recent works are created – the Body and Body (“Cuerpo y Cuerpo”) series, a ten-piece autobiographical work that deals with the delicacy of existence; and Head into Head (“Cabeza dentro de Cabeza”), an eight-piece series that honors femininity, the complex speech that defines us, to the art of survival.